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About me… this means to describe myself. This task has always been difficult for me to do.
I am from Styria, this I can say and for a long time I felt home in Portugal
I am a journalist by profession, even though it merges often with my private life. 😉

Sport is and always has been my key aspect, therefore I am
very lucky to travel the world as a sports presenter and journalist for some years already. As a native in German, my linguistic skills also include English, Spanish and Portuguese.

When I’m not traveling the world, I spend my time with my three horses.
My dog Bodhi and my cat Albert complete my own little farm.

  1. 2024

    Das Jahr 2024 hat für mich sommerlich begonnen. Wie jedes Jahr habe ich mich gefreut, gemeinsam mit ServusTV, als Moderatorin bei den Australian Open in Melbourne dabei zu sein.

    Auf den Straßen wird mich außerdem dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal der sportliche Cupra „Ateca“ begleiten.

  2. 2023

    Das Jahr 2023 hat mit einem winterlichen Dreh mit Cupra gestartet. The Spanish car brand ventured into the winter landscape of Salzburger Land. The “Formentor” proved its suitability in the snow and produced impressive shots in the wintry scenery.
    Formula 1 has continued its breathtaking journey and I had the opportunity to attend the first F1 race live in Las Vegas – a fascinating experience. I also hosted the special show “Sport & Talk im Hangar 7” in the summer and had exciting conversations with guests from F1.

    In October, Mick Checker, a German show jumper, also joined my animal family.
    Overall, 2023 was characterized by unforgettable moments and exciting experiences. I’m looking forward to the adventures ahead in 2024!

  3. 2022

    The year 2022 has begun with a fascinating adventure – two days in the desert of Abu Dhabi for Destination RedBull.
    I’m also in my second year as a presenter for Formula 1 on ServusTV, where I can follow the sporting highlights of motor racing up close. It is an incredible journey that never ceases to fascinate me.
    But that’s not all: Cupra has once again placed its trust in me and we have signed a cooperation agreement for a further 3 years. I am proud to be a brand ambassador for the sporty car brand and to continue to have my new “Formentor” as a loyal companion on the roads.

    But with new beginnings also come farewells. For me, 2022 will be my last year as a presenter for MotoGP on ServusTV. It was an incredible time full of passion and adrenaline, and I am grateful for the unforgettable moments and the wonderful collaboration.

  4. 2021

    This year started for me in exile, in a two-week hotel room quarantine In order to work at the Australian Open. This was a foretaste of what will await us in the next couple of months and a sign for me that we are still far away from the normality we were used to. But never mind… in career terms still a lot was happening.

    ServusTV is broadcasting Formula1 for the first time and they chose me to present it. I am overwhelmingly happy, and I will still stay part of the MotoGP Team.

    Additionally, a lot is going on. Cupra gave me their trust. This means that from 2021 I will be a “Brand Ambassador” for the Spanish car brand and will be able to explore Austria’s roads in a completely new and powerful way with the new “Formentor”.

  5. 2020

    The Australian Open which took place in January was an absolute highlight for me. We returned in the beginning of February, one month later the world had changed, and almost everyone had to rearrange. I changed my focus to online formats. Live interviews on Instagram were the solution in the first lockdown for me. In summertime we were allowed to travel again and therefore the MotoGP could take place. However, it was connected to a lot of complications and inconveniences. At this time, I knew already that in 2021 we will have to deal with professional change too.

  6. 2019

    ServusTV extended its program and broadcasted tennis for the first time. Which meant for me, off to Melbourne to the Australian Open. A big and old love of mine erupted again! Since that I am reporting for ServusTV all about Dominic Thiem, the Grand Slams and ATP Tournaments. My activity for motorsports stayed the same.

  7. 2016

    The MotoGP started and so did a new era. ServusTV and the MotoGP editorial department gave the sports coverage a new face and I was lucky enough to be part of this exciting project. At the same time, I still hosted “Servus am Morgen”, some races of “World Superbike”, the “Red Bull TV Magazine” and as I mentioned above, Ice Hockey. Sometimes I did not even know where I was at the moment, but it was a lot of fun and an interesting and instructive time on many levels.

  8. 2015

    This year was all about changes. I knew already that I will be Part of the MotoGP Team from 2016 on. The show “FrühstückTV” slowly came to an end, and all of a sudden, this phone call came in. They asked me if I could imagine presenting Ice Hockey. Which I could of course, and then I changed officially from the information to the sports department.

  9. 2014

    This was a very special year. I was able to travel as a journalist to the Olympic Games in Sochi and together with my appreciated colleague Simon Riesche to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil. These two major events were really a trend-setting and unforgettable experience for me. I am still grateful to my former manager, Jörg Harzman, who unfortunately has passed away. He had noticed and supported my passion for sports and my willingness to work.

  10. 2013

    In March 2013 my life has changed. I started as the presenter of the show “Servus am Morgen” at the Channel ServusTV. This came very surprisingly for me since I initially applied in the documentation department. However, the Head of documentation Hans Peter Stauber convinced me to take part at “this audition”. I made it through all the rounds eventually. And so, it took its course😉



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